Grassroots Adsense start business without thinking too big

In the

group from the grassroots entrepreneurship chat, a lot of friends a great idea, including the way of profit and so on, are well-known enterprises and large enterprises, their capital resources are not enough, and do not have their own core technology and can control any resources, only is a good idea, and the need the help of China Mobile, the China Telecom’s customer resources, you know, how could China Mobile and China Telecom easily and a small partner to do business? There is no team, no money, just one idea, when the idea was to find investors, investors, why investors do not do it yourself? I think you can not implement the idea, it is a good idea, are of no value, unless you have a technology or a good team. What’s more, there are funds, good projects, good teams, and may not be successful. I feel, in fact, in China’s market, everywhere are non-standard, and it is extremely fierce competition, it is difficult to do one thing. A person doing business is to grow up, I am a process, looking back at the idea in many 2004-2007 years is very naive, until now, Yu Minhong is also the teacher evaluation "is not a long time to do company experience" is also felt in the sea is not mature. You have done this a few years some small things, to obtain a certain growth in this process: it is possible to do bigger things, the ability to control growth and commercial business to need to accumulate experience.

now has some of the venture capital is the premise, sometimes money is not easy, there is in the hands of food, hearts do not panic, entrepreneurship is even more so, big business, big companies, need more money, if they do not have a certain amount of money is very difficult to succeed, so, I give some suggestions to make friends. A small shop, has accumulated a certain amount of money, but also accumulated experience, can make a difference on this basis. For example, you want to do in Hangzhou and the province’s community chain, at least you succeed in doing one’s own first one or two stores, so that only people invest in you, if not the two stores of the original capital and experience, you are hard to get money, even if you don’t control the funds. It is simple to do business ideas and solutions, when the actual implementation has absolutely been unimaginable difficulties, sparrow may be small, so the creation of one or two small stores can do a lot of difficulties in the chain, get rid of.

some people can ask for the moon, but most of those stories, is a coincidence, it is impossible for large-scale replication, the majority of people the way we still need to go step by step, at the foot of the road walks, you can start. So, suggest the first business friends, don’t set your goals too high, but the use of existing resources to meet their actual business, and dream a great dream, not from the trivial, not from the accumulation of funds to start.