How to increase the amount of web access as soon as possible

many webmaster friends worry about how to improve the website promotion, website traffic became the first hurdle after the release of the website is the most important one, the online promotion of every hue let you hard webmaster have dazzled, which method is the most effective? It should be said that all the methods are effective, but the effect but because of different types and styles of each station is different, promotion is also not the same, and a lot of methods outdated, such as e-mail promotion, a few people still go to the mailbox now, even a lot of people in the mailbox is specially used to register other website with.

and name card promotion, although effective, but the effect of name card is so big? If you receive a name card to pay attention to? This method is too slow, the probability is too low. Online promotion methods almost all I have seen have been tried, but the results are quite different. I made a delicacy some time before the site, first find all search engines landing entrance, submit the site again, although everyone in that station now landing on the major search engines are not so important, they pay more attention to their own spider to climb, but I was a day in the major search engines at that time, it is very few, only a few dozen people every day IP, then I will not stop the update, about a week or so, about 100 IP, but Baidu did stop by.

I was in the Baidu search let Baidu fast included, found a lot of results, some people say that some people say that love the thickness of the original, Baidu update included more slowly, but I accidentally found some people say Baidu space will be preferred Baidu included, then registered a Baidu space, then put on my website recipes sent a lot of it, and add a lot of links, and after two days, I found my IP more slowly, the statistics look, there are nearly 100 antecedents from Baidu space, was indescribably excited, so even faster than the new Baidu space update the website also fast, almost the entire site to move up, but I found the traffic Baidu space is not particularly high, unlike Post Bar and know so hot,

I went to the Baidu know the delicacy of cooking classification, answer the question constantly, as long as I put all my address on the website to find out some answers to those questions people (not posted content, just posted the link), in the evening looking forward to like Baidu that brought me space surprise, and then quickly opened the statistics, see the IP and the background, really let me be startled at, although Baidu included my website pages is very limited, but come from the Baidu space IP accounted for nearly 80%, but because of fear do not often go to Baidu know answer questions will affect the flow, then every day, after a few days later, but the more less, because the answer is almost all answered before, but I found from Baidu know. IP not only did not decrease, but increased a lot, this is because Knowing for Baidu is a great repository of knowledge,

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