Do webmaster tired only oneself can understand

in 2007, I do not know the word "webmaster", as if the industry and I can not wipe the edge. But developments in the real world are often unexpected.

in a casual case, I heard my friend say he made a website. Began to hold a curious mood, let other countries say how to do the website, website can have what use. He said that money! I was confused, how can this website make money! Then slowly know, also love this station.

later tried to make a QQ station, when the mentality is to play, so there is nothing to control it. Probably last year, Baidu included relatively loose! I stood two days was included. Psychology or quite happy, oh, traffic is also rising faster, a month did not go to more than 2000, put GG also earned hundreds of fast, I thought it was not very good, every day to play can make money!


the weather is unpredictable, who knows when to engage in the July crackdown, all stations to record, this suddenly confused, began to really don’t know what the hell is that record. A few Skynet put me to delete the entire station data, it was really angry! After half a year did not engage in this year, did not feel what to do, can do a good point of the station, I suddenly applied for 50 maize. Now it’s a non mainstream station. I wonder if I can do it. Every day and others do sichanlanda connection. Make yourself look like a


do stand ah, there is no other good way, but also not like to do mathematics, there is no easy way, only self hyperactivity, I believe that your station will have a successful day!


, who has good experience to talk to,


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