For site operations personnel operators in what cause do what work

has a big mouth and spits out all her complaints. Recently, because the website operation 108 will rise again, a lot of operators say that the transition, product managers, stimulated. No wonder, these years, the community operation staff humble work hard, but do not pay attention by superiors. You look at other people’s product managers, the job has gone up, wages have been fireworks up, this is 1 of the industry’s strange phenomenon. The 2 Guaixiang is no reason: product managers KPI controlled by the team of human factors, such as the product function point, complete BUG modification, more evaluation in time. But KPI operators are manipulated by the user environment, uncontrollable factors too much, because to get the effect speak, the effect is good or bad is the user’s mood. This is also the reason why operators of users who are: bow and scrape about money and worry, buckle performance, home kneeling washboard, also did not eat, you think I’m stupid.

so this article is for the community operators Tucao. It happened that it had a heavy snow this morning,

community operators work very complicated, after all, the Internet is a virtual, digital things. It’s not easy to run like a raging fire. Operators like Qigong master: "gas back waves, fluid flow if alcohol wine, good atmosphere of operation, the community can surge! Community operators work luxuriant complex, but the pruning, but also have to walk in an elegant way, summarized as follows:


community operators mainly work two major events: content operations, user operations.

flowers bloom two,

first list community content operations

target groups determine the theme of community content has to be That’s final., product development after the operator comes up and twist them. Community content operation and learning calligraphy, the first study did leave Na, and word structure, the last group composition. So, I would like to apply the rules of community content operations as follows:

content self operation – content generation – high-quality resource mining – build community ethos – establish community brand


content from the operation: on-line means of operation before and after, belonging to the community product renovation phase. Before the product is a shell, we can not put a shell products in the online promotion, "August autumn wind howling, roll my house on the three Mao, too shabby, Nabuchushou, but also a waste of resources to promote. So community editors need to fill up some content. The content of irrigation community editors a variety of means, the recruitment of part-time, water irrigation, self filling, or invite a group of Master in the testing stage, or "brazen" acquisition…. Initial content, the community editor to some of the article post recommended to each navigation page. Community editors in the irrigation stage, community administrators to community rules and regulations in the text: integration strategy, grading strategy, user group policy, management group policy, community assistance documents, and so on. Line >