Change is the pace of growth please change for a little more look forward to

for change, everyone has different views, change jobs, change the environment, style and direction for the website, because it is not completely satisfied with the status quo, so choose to change, but the road is long, do not know what will bring change, for better or worse? Can’t predict the future, so afraid of change, but change the mind again the situation is not satisfied, do not change, psychology has been thinking about how to change the results; and always worry about. Therefore, whether to change or not is also a dilemma.

station news network "campus network" today renamed "" does not affect the use of the old user login, the past few days, on the "campus network" was renamed "" discussion is not very optimistic we can be heard without end, this change. As a result, we give up to 1000 oak has been playing the brand of campus network, very sorry, after all the students have the potential and high loyalty groups; moreover, SNS war diverse, fierce competition in the market, "" can tight encirclement, to achieve the target is a big problem.

for thousand oak group, the campus network name is forced, in order to better integration of resources. The campus network faces the awkward situation of using the campus network as the graduate student moves toward the society and is out of the students’ identity. "School" is the key to the rapid development of campus network, is the key to win over popularity, but also become a bottleneck restricting the development of the. Don’t change, the students after graduation is faithful user loss; change means that the current online students doubts, "school" and "everyone" to start the dragons and fishes jumbled together while Chen Yidan said?, for a change, we also argue, don’t give up, tangled feelings, but in order to bring in a campus network a long, broad prospects for development, we need to let go of the brand attachment."

look at your friends and experience, change is because of the status quo is not satisfied, the thirst for the future, to change the vision? Because I hope to get better, to change the idea, but also worried that the results after the change, and fear, hang back. Change also means that the goal is not clear, hoping to find the right way through change, while developing and adjusting the strategy. Change is the price of growth, and the foundation of self perfection.

change is everywhere. The change is to better development and progress, "the changes of the A5 forum you noticed?" the article said, A5 forum also made a big adjustment, from the logo to the location, to the service, are quietly changing. With graph king’s words, the localization of A5 is from fuzzy to the firm, now or in the initial development of the forum, can make snap to adjust and merge, in order to achieve more long-term goal is to the success of the strategic adjustment. Although it is not easy to accept a change of voice in the early stage of change, it is possible to achieve a more long-term future only if the goal is clear and the line is constantly being maintained. A transition may be hard, but the road ahead is brighter, and that’s the end