Analysis of new profit model of local portal website

Google left China, the majority of grassroots Adsense has been discussed in A5 network grassroots website profit model, in which "e-commerce" is the main topic of discussion. In fact, in my opinion, e-commerce is a prerequisite for this big premise, but also a major trend in the current development of the internet. But, because our vast grassroots webmaster site has its own characteristics, not all grassroots websites can catch "e-commerce" this express train. So my opinion is: "unique to stick to our website, to meet the needs of users based on the unique and improve user experience, develop their own profit model based on the unique website". Today I’m going to talk about local portals (including local information websites, local blogs, local forums, local information ports, etc.).

before discussing the profit model, we should first understand such a truth, since our web site is local sites, then no matter how the content of our website, how to locate the customer, we have a unique basic, that is the local service. Therefore, our profit model can also start from this point of view. The author makes a profit, and the relatively profitable mode is as follows:

1, hard advertising:

includes website page fixed, cursor, FLASH and other forms of advertising, as well as pop-up ads, text ads, etc., online advertising prices are not cheap, the market space is great, considerable benefits.

2, topic or project services,

, A, work with governments or associations to provide special network support for them. Such as "business day", "food festival", "room fair", "Wedding Expo" and so on, such project type of special service price is not expensive.

, B, self contact or local government related units lead the establishment of enterprise club members, to help complete the enterprise’s all-round service. For example, projects and related information, project financing analysis report, investors recommend, project packaging, project recommendation, project evaluation, enterprise information construction, enterprise advertisement promotion, product promotion, to provide enterprises with effective customers and partners; to the enterprise or organized by members to carry out investment activities; 500 strong consulting investment in China enterprise information, resident representative offices of overseas enterprises, Chinese large and medium-sized enterprises with foreign investment information; on behalf of local stations and local enterprises and foreign investors are members of early contact negotiation, communication and cooperation, collaboration between the two sides, to promote the success of projects.

3, local search PPC earnings

the premise of this profit model is to integrate information, businesses, discount cards, experience cards and other offline resources, especially in some industries with very large profit margins. Such as: decoration materials, life service information, wedding information, catering information, and so on.

4, news marketing and soft text release revenue

the main form of publicity for an average enterprise is advertising, whether it’s television, newspapers, radio, or magazines