Looking at the user experience from MSN what should our medium and small companies do

used the expression of QQ, often in QQ will send a facial expression to each other, but rarely used on MSN, so there is the following scene:

QQ’s free expression in the function bar of the second, and the third is paid anime expression, as often used, so naturally formed a concept: facial expression in the function bar of the second buttons.


, my MSN friends to look, the beginning is ready to look for is that one, but a second MSN button to see a smiling face from the image, is reminiscent of the expression, more let me know here is the expression, I press second a button, did not think it is cartoon teaser, the mood is not great, a facial expression is so troublesome, and start again. After that, I made many mistakes. Because it is really QQ function bar to do well, let me have the habit.


hint is too similar. The difference is too small. Habits are so deep that MSN doesn’t want QQ users to play like that. On the first line, to put the second cartoon Teaser line also ah, at least you have to tip it clearly.


user experience, in the website, the company whether it is really good, big market share, as long as the line, it is easy for the user’s habits, but a user habits, it is difficult to change, which led directly to the same site, software imitation, and imitation can not change too too much, otherwise it is difficult for users to accept..

This is a big company like

specifies a standard, how can we jump out of his standard in order to improve the user experience, otherwise it is difficult for users to accept, so many times, I feel that OK small and medium-sized e-commerce website user experience directly copied station, because no matter how you improved to the station look, not as a direct copy, less costly.

Of course,

can do the industry NO1, others are to emulate you, like send liu.

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