Google’s future is not important advertising alliance triggered thinking

Google event or no definite news, whether to leave is no longer important, it is important that the Google incident brought about by thinking. The Google incident sounded a wake-up call for webmasters, especially those that gained traffic through Google, or Google Adsense as the main source of revenue.

in the A5 forum version "" Google "Thursday times — Chinese Internet speculation. The topic of discussion, Google left, or some impact on personal website. There are many personal website is through Google to get traffic, but also through the Google advertising alliance to obtain income, once Google left, these are affected, personal Adsense facing severe test. The room is closed, the policy adjustment, this is not the ability of the webmaster, Adsense website business model but incapable of action, and whether to get traffic through the search, whether through advertising revenue is the site of their own business problems.

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version of the chat activity in one of the many webmaster attention is, if Google is gone, whether its advertising alliance is not, what is the webmaster alliance trust? For the novice webmaster, advertising income is an important source of income of the website, the website is to maintain an important guarantee for survival. But advertising is a website profit, if the advertising alliance as the only income, the development of the site is limited, from the close is not far away. Now the news of Google’s departure has been bubbling, but the official hasn’t explained it yet. It’s still uncertain. Google event let stationmaster understand, advertisement alliance is not permanent safeguard, stationmaster should consider the diversification of website profit pattern. For example, consider the provision of differentiated charging services; combined with e-commerce, considering the line of resources, profits and so on. Analysis of the site’s own characteristics, the establishment of a viable profit model.

also need to pay attention to sites that have access to major traffic through search engines. Once there is no search, the site will also be in trouble. For some portals, is there a search engine that has little impact on their website, because users have memorized their websites, directly entered the web site, or joined the favorites?. As a personal website, try to guide users to be familiar with and remember the site, and also make it easy for users to find websites. For example, intentionally or unintentionally, to strengthen the user’s Web site memory, in the website activities or products, improve the frequency of Web site, timely remind users, collection, etc..

in the forum to see some Adsense complain, search engines did not include their web site, Baidu did not update snapshot, etc.. In fact, the search engine website is on the one hand, more important is to consider what the website can provide users with the user? It is fundamental to the existence of the site! Rather than focus on the website included, more than consider user experience. As mentioned above, differentiated services can survive in a hostile network environment if the site is sufficiently unique. The Google incident, the webmaster should pay more attention to the survival of their own web site, and complain about the policy is not feasible, the decision makers of human nature, not as good as starting from yourself