Enterprise website how to do not let go of any one order


company is doing the magnesium powder, is a raw material for the steel industry, the profit is very impressive, I was the clerk of the company, the 06 year is mainly to car manufacturers around the contact business, the monthly volume slightly my personal is millions of yuan, originally so if stable, I am very happy so long, can not worry about, and every year these manufacturers users treat, send what the holiday gift, then orders and customers are very stable.

but 08 years after the occurrence of some problems, some customers began to waver, although did not say, but the long-term business has a kind of intuition, the mood is certainly worried ah, because this year is the customer orders for millions of customers to feel lost, also do not know why. Then a great effort, finally put a small attendant customer company procurement following contact, please go to the hotel, he spent a sum of money, but did not call Miss, take a bath, sauna, massage Pedicure, a dragon ah, finally put him down, drunk said the truth our company does not have a website, unlike the big manufacturers, and other companies have websites. And other company members are coming in two days, and are in talks. By early! Heard what the website, did not expect a deal with my job, after second days, returned to the factory, no matter what the cost of applicant company must be made worse than competitors better website, after very well, because you know the reason, but also the way to deal with. The relationship between the original and the sugar coated bullet together for a long time, customers also let me fix, cool.

but since then I feel the power of my home site, the purchase of a computer, also bought a notebook, travel time with books, on the site started, unexpectedly also developed some experiences, and share with you.

first, the company website Baidu bidding, did not miss the opportunity for Baidu, Google is also not spared, and then is the major industry website of Alibaba, the world factory, HC and some other large-scale platform to do some shops, some people say, you do Baidu and Google have what price, you also what do these Ali, the factory of the world, is it useful. Answer: very useful.

why do you say it, and I have the title, because now the network has been a more and more devastating advertising media, many of my customers in the procurement of raw materials to the Baidu search, but also very love to Ali, the world factory to find ah. So I have done these shops seriously, and what QQ and other communication methods are often hung on the phone, as long as there is contact with people, you can always call me. Of course, in 08 to 09 years of the financial turmoil, the volume of business the same company serious decline, while the business volume of our company has declined, but it is not very serious, because through the network successfully obtained a number of new users.

someone asked, "that shop is good. I’ll say, the company website is the best, then the Alibaba shop and the world factory"