nternet start ups new situation personal websites profit model what

today, talking about personal websites is somewhat out of date. That once glorious personal stationmaster time, really has already passed. But I know, individual stationmaster this kind of species is not extinct, also won’t die out. For the times, birth, in this chaotic world step by step guards, this species is not afraid of fear of hackers, bureau of industry and information, not afraid of search engine, has been very tough, very tenacious, someone down, someone successor.

as a personal webmaster essential, strong will, however, a different era, not only can be a brute courage. Internet entrepreneurs tend to brawl mode, singled out individuals to seek a way out, need to speak two words: strategy. Before you talk about strategy, there’s at least one thing you need to know, and that’s the profit model. No profit, not go, Li, is the personal website can adhere to the key to go on.

before making personal websites, you must have a profit model, otherwise, the more you go, the more difficult you feel. This is the starting point for your personal website and website planning. Profit mode popular point, that is to have income, but also need to have income. Where does the income come from? Why do users give money? Do you make short-term profits or continue to make profits?

personal website does not need to consider too much more complex profit model, water will be suitable for personal website profit model is divided into three categories: advertising, services, electricity providers. Here’s a simple analysis of these three profit models.

one, ad

Internet advertising is almost one of the most common, common, and effective modes of profit. I believe all the flow of good sites have tried this profit model, but advertising is also divided into many kinds, such as: put Baidu, Google advertising; advertising alliance CPA, CPC, CPS advertising, direct advertising and business etc..

earns more advertising fees in two directions. First, let the site has more traffic, more traffic, more advertising costs, so we need to choose some of the more popular industry or the flow of a larger space to do a website, this website can usually be batch to do, suitable to be the Baidu Google alliance advertising, as well as CPA class. Second, let site traffic more accurate, more valuable. Broad popular industry may be relatively easy to get traffic flow, but the value is often not if it is to choose some higher commercial value segments of the industry to do a website traffic, that competition will be smaller, it will be easier to attract industry businesses to direct advertising, the advertising value of relatively accurate flow will be much larger. Personally, I prefer the second direction. The first is easily reduced to a garbage dump, and the second is relatively far away.

, for example, before the water has a friend, mainly through the SEO website to make beautiful pictures, relatively speaking, this kind of website is easier to do traffic, there are many high index of the word can be optimized, a few words ranking home a day can flow to tens of thousands of. Light Baidu alliance words, before a station a month can also have about two thousand or three thousand yuan. >