nternet business success three from theory to practice website establishment actual combat

in understanding the theory of Internet start-ups knowledge, began to field site business practice operation. In this chapter you will detail how to build a web site that fits the user experience.

one, website page planning and style design

previous website construction model, is through learning web page production, page by page to make HTML file, combine to make a static web site. And now are often using special site building procedures, after simple installation, only need to add content on it. Although you do not have to learn complex programming and database knowledge, you can still understand some basic concepts.

even today, web site design has been widely used, the web page design is still very important. Good web design will make the visitors refreshing, and greatly improve the credibility of the site. Due to the current site of the most use of content management program, usually through the design of program specific page templates, then implanted website program, as a result, in the content update and revision of the website is more convenient.

in the web site planning, we should pay attention to the overall layout of the coordination, and in line with the site’s positioning. To make a good website page, we should pay attention to the following:

1. understanding of web editing software

"the Three Musketeers is the best choice for beginners web pages, including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash three software, they are used for processing production, web design and web animation picture. Knowing that they can make websites better.

usually learns the software before starting the site. At present, most of the webmaster is in the opposite direction, the first to build a web site, and then slowly learning technology, is also a good method. In the study of these software, it is necessary to combine the actual step by step operation, and not specifically for the building site to buy a variety of books to see, so that efficiency is not high.

2. pages should not be messy,

When planning a web page,

should start with simplicity and practicality. Some beginners tend to make web pages very fancy and full of different styles and special effects, which often lead to the opposite effect. Website to have affinity and professionalism, a page color shoulds not be too much, not more than five is appropriate.

page clutter also includes the use of too many web page effects on the web page, for web pages of various JavaScript or flash effects can not be used in large numbers. Even if the site needs to be structured with similar effects, it needs to be appropriate. Otherwise it will allow visitors to dominate.


a lot of websites are used to make home page very long, think such website content appears rich only. In fact, according to their own needs to design, >