Discussion on website construction of wedding photography

with the upsurge of website construction, many wedding photography companies have set up websites. But when the website is built, does it mean that the customer will send it to us? The answer is no. The "sea", to talent shows itself during the competition, let the customer love you, is never easy.

wedding photography company to attract users, sales through the website, first of all to correct the idea that a website, but the bridge businesses and users to communicate! Website like people, appearance (page design), speech (web content), behavior (interactive function) are affecting the user to judge the wedding photography company, determines whether the user is willing to cooperate with you.

well, I see. Let’s get to the point.

one, website home page: let the user fall in love with you at first sight

a successful business often starts with the first meeting with the user. Dress, hair, expression, voice…… Every detail affects the user’s judgment on you. The first page of the website is the first impression you give to the user. The color, format, navigation, and even the speed at which the website opens will determine the user’s impression of the wedding photography company.

so, how do you want to attract users on the homepage of wedding photography company?

first of all, the opening speed of the home page must be fast. Don’t let the users wait until the flowers are finished. Some wedding photography company specially set a paragraph in the home page to show the enterprise culture or product flash animation, want to let the user first enjoy animation, and then enter the theme, but the result is counterproductive. Internet browsing pays attention to efficiency, and once the user waits for more than 15 seconds, most users will leave you.

secondly, the image of the home page of wedding photography company should be distinct, in line with user preferences and characteristics of wedding photography company.

wants users to remember you, so be different". But "out of the ordinary" does not mean "to" personal independence of conduct ", user preferences to design, to create atmosphere and make the user experience more cordial, sweet, romantic, can let users willing to continue browsing.

two, website column: find common topic with user:

has a good first impression, and then, to make the user feel good, it is necessary to find a common topic with the user. The layout of the website column should be set around the user’s needs, so that users should be interested, and never take the wedding photography company as the center.

website column planning, we should do the following:

first, the column name should be clear and easy to understand. Some wedding photography company website has some love to create new styles name, creative is good, but the name must be associated with the contents inside, do not "have no relevance", have the opposite effect.