365 days Station Road

, the annual space payment time is up again. Looking back on this year, the road to build a station, with "rough" two words to show that not too much. The space opened three months ago, the website structure, content acquisition, keyword search engine has a good rankings, traffic is also up, can see the "dollar" every day, it is not through the record, Disasters pile up on one another., click, turn off.

then began my long course of application filed by the Ministry of information industry at the time, the system has a problem, application, has been through a telephone, ask to pass or to modify, have to wait 20 days before. OK, I’ll wait, and another twenty days, busy work, said it is not through the site, you can leave to the local management.

well, I also find a place on the world and no one answered, someone answered, fortunately, you can make the space business is opened, later. Well, and find the space business, but the whole dead space business not to open, not open by saying no, issued an article, is a space business there by the record of the site, and seized by Ministry of information industry news, so they did not dare to adventure. Well, it’s about interests. I can understand it. I’ll wait.

and so on, that is, three or four months, the record has been in the application, that is not passed, at this time, the space host and the problem. Want to decorate things can not, and annoying. Space traders don’t do well for a long time. Get even under my anger, all delete it. Well, these are calm. I’m not bored anymore. TMD, at this time, the system changed, by filing than anything fast: registration, fill out and submit, through. This time, I really want to go out and kill them. Those shrimp twist. Also when we small webmaster is human?!!


well, Chinese people are more fond of peace and enjoy patience. I have to endure. Go ahead. Positioning, site building, collection, update. For three months, since the beginning of the high starting point, got a small portal, thought, because the people in the west of Chengdu, wanted to be a western information website, oh, what city, countryside, education, laws, all fuck up all day, according to the number of updates. Look at the statistics, do not understand, why no one came, every day to two digits. Or less than 20. By. To do so, there is a wool top.

change. However, the three months of the process is not white, and a good analysis of the next three months traffic, keyword, and found some of the frequency of the key word is relatively high, good. I use these keywords to reduce the scope of the site. The data collection is updated for more than a month, there is no time to search engine promotion, also included, key word also have good rankings, but the people still less than 20, I think, I just like 20 edge? Do I close the station, simply delete it. Good work, no longer like entrepreneurship, I thoroughly through the Internet to achieve the dream of life, the flames stifle in the big cradle. But I can’t bear it. OK, I’ll try to promote it. It’s always fresh, you delete, I paste, >