How to increase the stickiness of WeChat public platform fans

now almost everyone for almost all mobile phone, mobile phone have WeChat, WeChat as a means of communication, users reached 600 million people, WeChat has also become the marketing propaganda platform, in addition to the micro business, WeChat public platform is a good platform for propaganda, so how to better the operation of WeChat public platform? Below I give you

share several methods

1. Discovering user interest requirements

WeChat public platform needs publicity, when others scan two-dimensional code, pay attention to your WeChat public number, you can roughly analyze and determine what he is interested in. Now the general WeChat are certified and certified public number, whether the subscription number and service number, the following will have a menu bar, users concerned, you see what he chose to know, he first time to understand the contents of the public number is his concern you most interested in the content; if there is no certification, it can also set up a push message after attention, reply 1 what is, what is the 2 reply and so on, through his first reply figures to analyze and judge his interests and needs.

two classification according to user interests

After the first step of

, we can roughly determine the attention of the user needs and interests in the WeChat public platform backstage to QQ packet, set the grouping categories, according to the needs of different users, the users and groups and facilitate future management.

three, different users push different articles

subscription number every day can push an information service number for each month to push a push information, the information can not blindly push, push to more different users of different articles, this is just in accordance with the user’s interest to classification of reason. Users who push this group today will not be too frequent to push to another group tomorrow. The amount of information required by the user increases their consistency with the public number.

four, the content of the release, first test

There are many

network platform can publish articles, blog, forum, Post Bar and so on, we released to the WeChat public number above, these types of platforms can now be tested out, observed by a week, look at the viewer response, reply and comment much more interaction with web browsing more, this article shows more popular. Especially for a month can only push information once the service number, each push information should be carefully selected, this is a selection process.

five, which prompts visitors to pay attention to

believe that we visit the WeChat public number of articles, will begin to see a prompt "click on the blue text attention, get more information such as" prompt, if you are interested in your article, largely concerned.

six, which guides the browser to forward

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