19 before the webmaster conference written on the road

joined the webmaster general assembly is a very casual thing, this conference is very big, but there has been no good to participate in the preparation, even in the group where someone asked me to go, I also consider the answer.

asks graph king in the interior of the Admin5 group, said the graph king himself not to go, and I hope the flying fish represent the Admin5 station network, at the time agreed, but my heart is still a little uneasy, Beijing is visited many times, but as a webmaster in large-scale real webmaster general assembly is the first time.

and the laggards Comsenz jointly organized by the general assembly, a change in the past stationmaster Congress small habits, to specialization, scale transfer trend, while the Congress proposed: "to fight" by faith, also in the 08 years of small circle times, a party, a strong encouragement also, the future direction of the beginning of exploration.

08 years is a small owners in the most difficult year for SP, the money is not earned, pornography information with the supervision more formal and towards the dead end, the alliance is not busy deduction amount, is out of advertising market, Google canceled the Picasa recommendations and referrals is divided into system. Even has always been on the site quickly included Baidu, the development is not garbage station technology and SEO technology, at the end of 07, under the pain killer, change the algorithm, joined the new audit system.

old webmaster are sigh, a year is better than a year, and new Adsense shout stand can not make money, black heart IDC and unscrupulous alliance will personal Adsense circle almost launched a dead end.

then, this gathering is bold exploration, gathering the power of the small and medium-sized webmaster through the meeting, combining e-commerce with small and medium station owners, and actively exploring the middle road of cooperation.

The two

‘s: DZ system Comsenz forum and Ecshop online program, is the perfect combination of business and the small owners, traffic and e-commerce combined, and laggards webmaster exchange as the largest gathering place, also can be called on all types of owners on the same side.

if the bold prediction, so this conference is the biggest bright spot: the electronic commerce introduction to individual stationmaster, promote personal webmaster circle from the transition flow is king era of electronic commerce, and the general assembly, this is probably the transformation of a call to action.

went to Beijing, the biggest idea is to represent Admin5 in the grassroots webmaster, to learn, to listen, to grasp the latest trends and methods, through experience and Beijing IT circle exchange summary, will certainly bring the latest information in the first time, let the Admin5 webmaster friends to the latest news about the conference in the fastest time.

writes on the front of the train. The mood is like a train on the tracks. It’s full of anticipation and toward destination