For the difficult webmaster talk about the development and breakthrough of the website

recently boarded a few previous QQ, and some have worked with or familiar with several old webmaster chat. Found that they mostly engaged in other industries. Entering their web site in the browser has also been closed. Of course, there are some webmaster bigger, but also some still insist on standing still. Website development, of course, income will increase, the webmaster will also have more personal passion and funds for the site.

The existence of

1. website is to have its value and significance, different times and different environments. There are also different websites on the web. Because the society is developing, the website also follows along with the development.

takes some stationmaster’s station to say, the earliest k666. is honored as the cradle of stationmaster, how many stationmaster starts from there. Including myself, when the website, communication, find resources, go to k666. A humble forum. But he has so much fame and popularity. Yake, K666, punk, refused to fish swimming, Laogui, licorice, novellnet, gray bird, computer idiot, blue water such as day zero, Zorro, a male, nine days, the telephone, grasps the bird, DJ520, Taurus, and die. These people are believed to have heard of it. Actually, that’s all. To adhere to the website, first of all have to look at, that is, you as a webmaster, you have to give users a reason to come to your website. In different periods, the language used in the program is different. For example, in the past, ASP popular, and even used some static HTML to design web pages, yes, and cgi., in fact, CGI is very good, I always think so.

but because it didn’t work out well. It is now rarely used, then the house forums are not very famous? But now popular HTM PHP MySQL.Net static generation we pursue more stable speed faster and easier operation of the language. Before we use the propaganda website, mail bulk QQ mass, or Baidu more keywords. Wait。 These methods were also useful for virus promotion. Now well-known sites, there are many. But now these methods are feasible, very few, used to do stand table now, div, css. Say so much, before and now contrast, is to tell you, the development of the web site to keep up with the current trend, including your means of operation.

site can hold on to a few essential factors

website needs a crowd, that is to say, our visitors, the website has a theme, with content, publicity, and the people, and we can retain these people, it is still very important. That is to say, our website should have what other people need and have what others want. Two is user-friendly. Site access is faster. We are now a lot of the starting point is to rely on Baidu, GG, these search engines to flow, since Baidu and GG can bring us traffic, we when >