How to join Oh dad Korean delicacy

China fast-food industry wide range is not you can imagine, for example, have fast food items on Korean delicacy fast-food brands, including popular sports have Oh dad Korean delicacy snack items, oh dad Korean delicacy with stone pot bibimbap, all kinds of dishes and snacks into a well-known Korean snack, colleagues the company by virtue of its core product, from a small shop has become one of more than and 40 branches of the strength of the brand, the future development potential is very great, so how to join the brand


Oh, what do you want to meet? How do you join us? Specific look at the following:

Oh, dad and South Korean food join conditions:

1, interested in the food and beverage industry

2, stores to about 100 square meters in

3, with sufficient funds

4, with good business reputation

Oh dad South Korea Food join process:

1, joined the first telephone consultation

2, franchisee qualification

3, collect the intention to

4, market research

5, franchisee field visits, research

6, signed a franchise contract

7, assist in site selection, provide decoration program

8, officially opened

The above is the

Oh dad South Korea delicacy join conditions and introduce the procedure, if you are interested in this fast food brand, and to further understand the idea, please send us a message in our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.