Jingu how to go beyond the 760 stock website

every do a new web site, I’m used to the main keywords Baidu rankings again. 76 pages, 760 stops. And then look at the long tail word ranking. Then determine the site’s segmentation, positioning, the expected goal of the site.

observation. What is called, baizhanbudai. To be a station is to fight, and to a great extent, a war on search engines. Not to say that useful to visitors, there will be visitors. Because of a profitable market, there will never be only one supplier. To capture the market, rely on first mover advantage, and rely on others to do better, more practical.

search "stock" word, in the top ten, or there is individual stationmaster’s space. At present, the main competitors have three categories: Sina, Sohu, portal financial channels; with the news, the East, finance, securities, the magnitude of financial portal; the remaining is the personal website.

the first two types of sites, in the original content, quotes, data resources are not personal station comparable. If only from the point of view of customer experience to rank, individual station with professional portal is not at a competitive level. So my first step is to be in the forefront of a human stock website.

personal stock website, but also information and stock web sites category. You can go to the top 20. Individual station content, stock quotes, data are all collected and called the gateway (except the forum). Therefore, the more important work lies in the content processing, column planning, and the construction of the chain.

reference. Present through the top 760 search results, is the home page and column page, almost no single page figure (except Baidu Encyclopedia). And title basically has the key words of stock class, apparently all done seo. The competition is fierce. But there will be a lot of discoveries by comparing the first 20 stops and the next 20.

is the first column planning, in front of the station is set to complete stock in accordance with the tree structure of portal station, such as a stock, the stock accounts of the experts in specific links directly promoted to a column of the same level and the stock market. Or according to the new hot spots out of the column, those basically do not flow content, be compressed into the corner.

secondly, on the frequency of content updates, the following stations are much behind and can not be updated daily. The more the less updated, ranking more not go up, the more up, the more no mood to take care of. The station is basically gone.

is the outer chain at last. Can use YAHOO search view, in front of the station outside the chain mostly rich and high quality. It takes time to accumulate and gradually metabolize the results.

cooperation. A circle of friends can reflect his status. The same is true of websites. From a link, you can see the quality of a website. For a new station, it is difficult to change to a high quality connection. Can start from the same level of new exchange, 2 months or so, their own PR, ranking up, finishing once. Seek higher quality links. Can’t go together