ndustry analysis how electricity supplier enterprise data driven sales

billion state power network case center chief editor Shi Wei

points of science and technology COO Zhang Shaofeng

, Korean PR Director Chen Xin

electricity supplier experienced extensive barbaric growth, and gradually entered the fine operation stage, data mining and analysis has become the new target of the electricity supplier enterprise.

In the battle of data refinement,

, what data mining drives sales growth directly? How do you translate data into sales?

less than 5% electricity supplier enterprises have data mining team

: two billion state power network to determine the current electricity supplier industry data of the operation and to what extent? How many enterprises with data mining and business intelligence team? How the ability of data analysis and data mining of the


Chen Xin: to the current situation of e-commerce development, data analysis for the development of enterprises, especially for the electricity supplier enterprises is very important. Data operation makes it easy for enterprises to analyze user’s behavior and competitors’ data.

, for example, has become the key to competition in e-commerce companies in the United States, BI. In the domestic e-commerce companies, the data department can easily be weakened because the data department is difficult to create significant results in the short term. Although some electricity supplier companies began to pay attention to data operations, but BI data is often placed in the Ministry of technology data warehouse. If the business intelligence department is on a low level, and the head of the BI team is unable to meet in the management, it is difficult to digest the data scattered across the business sector for analysis and mining. By comparison, BI is an independent division in the United States, directly affiliated with the company’s CEO or CFO. The business intelligence team has a high place in the company.

as far as we know, the electricity supplier industry platform companies, such as Taobao and Jingdong have their own data analysis team. Taobao’s cloud platform, large amount of data analysis and calculation is very powerful.

Zhang Shaofeng: 200 percentage points from the current service provider company to come home, the electricity supplier enterprise data operation is very low. Have real sense of data mining team of electricity supplier companies accounted for less than 5%.

in fact, if an electricity supplier company has someone full-time to do some relatively simple data statistics, it has been considered a relatively high degree of data companies operating. In addition, because of the low popularity of data mining concepts, many enterprises mistake some simple data statistics work for data mining, so they still think their data mining level is relatively high.

, that is to say, even for those who have some data analysis capabilities of the electricity supplier companies, most of their level of stay at a simple data statistics stage.

billion state power network: data analysis service business enterprise tend to build their own team to do

or outsourcing?

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