Do professional website want to do expert stationmaster

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website is the inevitable trend of future Internet development, and the formation of professional website portal will facilitate the convergence of professional user groups. Then, in the process of doing professional website, in fact, as a webmaster, is a learning progress process. You can’t just position yourself as a provider of platforms, but you never know anything about the content of a professional website. Rely on the dissemination of the contents of replication, but congenital malnutrition essential stage, with the promotion of the website, and gradually to the industry knowledge, so as a webmaster, you first want in this web site of the professional field, with the right to speak. The right to speak is not because you are the administrator of the authority of the establishment of the authority, administrators more often just the gatekeeper of the website, or the identity of cleaners. You have to go deep into the field to make a deep analysis, so, in order to expert knowledge structure on the one hand days and months multiplying, achievements in the professional aspects worthy of the name, on the other hand also gradually understand the needs of users on the professional website in the field of.

professional web site is not only limited to content based CMS framework, but also individual applications including internet. Especially in the B2C e-commerce industry, as a seller, you should be independent shop covers the goods you are familiar with the structure, for example, you sell books, then at least to clear book situation within the same industry and sales model, you need to make the customer has reason to believe that the advantages of buying books in your bookstore you can get the homogenization of goods shop is difficult to match — he will be willing to consumption. When I do hide shop Lhasa store, sales is the main product positioning is the Tibetan Dao, handicraft industry in Tibet. The knife is a special commodity, when the initial selection and Smith cooperation, I have a preliminary understanding of Tibetan Dao, after several years in Tibet, the Tibetan monasteries to culture. First, set up a special Tibetan blog, web search many articles about Tibetan Dao, not just simply copy to the blog, but slowly again, the Tibet Tibetan history, origin, production process and so on a superficial impression, then a few months after the promotion of the blog by some of the knives readers interested in reading, some people began to inquire about how to buy my knives. This actually shows the demand of the market. Then I launched Tibet Lhasa shop shop, to choose with several Tibetan swords and Bai Smith (quality assurance of long-term cooperation and the establishment of customer service security service), and through their learning to hide in dealing in the workshop production process, thus to have a deeper hidden knife the accumulation of knowledge, for the shop after shop in Lhasa in Tibet sales platform when faced with customer consultation to provide comprehensive guidance to junior expert consultants to prepare. In fact, the most important thing is when you truly understand the in-depth industry, a lot of little-known facts, including but not limited to the level of material difference, process, the various factors of uneven in quality craftsmen, together determines the final cost of a product. One of the knives also, Smith made out of different price is different, in order to improve the quality of Tibetan Dao, I usually use knife makers is reliable, even if the high cost.