8 suggestions for site login interface optimization


              the webmaster every day to the construction site, but sometimes I feel content to do good, it is difficult to develop and cultivate loyal customers, what is the reason? The user experience is a very important reason. A lot of times, the stationmaster always fails in detail. When users become less tolerant of less interactive web design, they choose alternative sites. It can be said that a bad user experience is the killer of websites.

web site program function is not more, the more complex the better, smart webmaster should be down-to-earth around the site simplicity and usability to work hard.

the optimized design of the website login interface mentioned in this article is one of the details of user experience. Here are some suggestions for optimization:

1 uses the e-mail address as the user name

research shows that people do not often login to a website and easily forget their user name, but using the first e-mail address is easier to remember. This can reduce the user’s forgotten user name caused by trouble.

2, remind your users to use the long password

is very important to remind your web site users to use longer passwords. Because the longer the password, the higher its security.

3, let the web site remember your user

on many sites, we’ll see "remember me" and "remember my login status" and so on, so that users can log in automatically next time they visit the site. Of course, online banking or trading sites do not do that.


4, to make the interface more coordinated,


ensures that the two parts of the user name and password on the login screen are compact and coordinated, minimizing unnecessary links at the login screen because it is easy to distract the user. The upper and lower and the left and right interfaces are shown below.


5 puts the login link at the top of the site

as users expect to click on a web site, LOGO can go back to the home page, and many users expect the site to have an eye-catching "login" link so that they can log in. It should always be at the top right of the site, which is in line with the habits of most users.

6, let the user retrieve the forgotten password

it’s essential for the login screen to retrieve the password