f you want to buy a website these 5 kinds of websites can not buy

1. station with vulgar information and pictures (edge station)

this, needless to say, my recent crackdown, SP station has been closed, unless you use the foreign space, foreign registered domain name, or otherwise, and not to touch it. Be careful in the police around.

2. movie station. Recently also by K’s fierce.

3. music station

now the film music copyright, more and more attention from the recent Baidu MP3 infringement, claims Chibi tudou.com can be seen playing one or two, now if you buy these stations will have a significant risk of… If one day which companies a dabbler you too much… See nets have tens of thousands of IP/ days, the monthly income of around 2000 MP3 thousands of dollars sale estimate is also because of this problem (PR, included OK.


, 4, you don’t want to compete with HAOSF,

Although there are some illegal

Different people, different views., composition, but as long as the game’s not seriously it’s okay, but there are no small risk

5 forum actually said here, but also a little worried about their forum

said to clean up on the forums, most forums are at risk (presumably because the site is mostly yellow forum class). Have Beian are dangerous, it is said that Admin5 intends to transition to other types of sites for the same reasons. No Beian will not say, can not pass is a problem.

more than personal opinion, in fact sometimes from each stationmaster net to see the site selling news can be seen in one or two, some look good to the price of cabbage, site for sale, had alarming. So we can see the reason to consider in.

when it was cheap

         ;     A5 site trading area: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-266-1.html