How do websites get steady traffic

this topic, many webmaster all know, and each webmaster thought will not be the same. In fact, the old saying goes again. So how do you get a long-term, stable site traffic?. This is the most difficult to do, but also every webmaster would like to do. Site traffic is divided into two kinds, a false flow, and one is the true flow. Some webmaster is a little puzzled. What is true flow and false flow?. In fact, this is very explanatory.

false traffic = that’s where you spend your money on websites. Now brush the site of the company, including individuals, really too much, too many, you search the Internet, brush the site or brush flow and other keywords, there are many sites, there is money, there are free. Brush what, how many days, pack your ALEXA, reach tens of thousands, etc.. I have a heart to say, this is the ghost Hu ghost, ALEXA data is relatively good, I see also satisfied. But do you dare say that the advertising agency put ads on your website? Now advertisers are paying attention to thieves. If he put an ad in your website, he would look at your real website traffic and a series of things. Some webmaster said I rely on Google, AdSense and so on to earn money, in fact, say the words, the truth is the same. I think if you don’t spend money on websites any day, your website traffic is going there again. ALEXA ranking is not a drop in diameter.

so how do we get real and real site traffic,


that’s what we can do with real skills. In fact, website promotion is so few. Here I do not have to say one by one, because the front did not know how many webmaster wrote about this kind of promotion article. Push the net to talk about the way that promotes sale. We should understand the way and way of the website according to the user, and can do the following classification of website promotion method as follows:

first, in accordance with the user’s access to the source of Web information, can be divided into online channels and offline approach, so the site promotion means accordingly also have two basic types of online promotion and offline promotion. Access to information on the Internet is this series of articles will introduce the website promotion channels, but these are not the only channel, the user gets information about the fact that network marketing does not reject the marketing method under the net, the two are not contradictory, can cooperate with each other to play their respective advantages, in order to obtain better effect of website promotion. In the network marketing methods, rarely to consider network marketing, but in website promotion, the net means is sometimes necessary, because some websites use the online promotion means in the just released soon does not necessarily achieve the purpose of promotion, so often need to combine online and offline.

second, according to the initiative and passivity of users’ website information, they can be divided into active channels and passive channels, and the means of website promotion are active and passive. The user’s active access to information means that the website is promoted in a passive manner, for example, we promote new websites via email to potential users