How do wait on you my Baidu

website has been running for 20 months, what’s the sweet and sour taste?.

, let’s talk about a headache Baidu.


just do, probably because it is technology forum, Baidu, GOOGLE included fast flow, day, at that time only despise those reproduced in the website, to write original articles every day, the spider ah in the station to go off, although the total flow is not much, but comes from Baidu the flow is almost four times that of GOOGLE, to a few months, suddenly found their own original articles are everywhere, also do not indicate the source, some people even reproduced my watermark are removed or covered, it does not matter, the key is in the search engine search, those reproduced in my the row in front of me, I do not know where to go to page, no way, do not write, but also people learn to reprint it, well, even GOOGLE to flow is gone.

was introduced to know when it comes to Baidu and post to post, bring your own web site, can bring traffic, so every day to go to the Baidu know, found to be associated with their own website and reply, bring your own web address, slowly from Baidu and some flow, adhere to a few days, suddenly find yourself in Baidu know and post posts have been deleted, leaving the flow, and dare to go to Baidu know and post post.

went on to find a way to say, plus Google and Baidu advertising can make the site’s ranking, as is the first application, Google Advertising, advertising group immediately, and later, slowly began to flow back up, there is always traffic from Baidu to less than Google, as is the application of Baidu’s advertising, for what number of what, anyway, the money is not interested, Baidu added on the website, in order not to violate the policy, the GOOGLE and Baidu are staggered, which did not dare to offend, engage in a few months, from Baidu to flow is not more than GOOGLE, angrily to the Baidu ads to withdraw, this is great, is not much traffic began to decline, I don’t know how to serve Baidu.

I began to write the original, but worked hard to write out, not two days have been reproduced, and search engines are also in front of me, it is too unworthy.

, please give directions to DX, in the end how to serve Baidu. This article collected by the E community: