How to do a good job on the local forum line

recently sent an article on how to do a good job in local forums (


later, many webmaster and I QQ chat, but a single chat is a waste of time, recently busy with the forum, there is no time and energy to write other. Just suddenly dropped line, for a long time has been unable to access the internet. Call the telecommunications asked, said the local telecommunications large area of failure, I do not know when to recover. Since the customer didn’t say "I’m sorry" and "I’m sorry", I called a "no" after the call ended".

recently used to sleep after 3, and just took the chance to write a little more.

, first of all, introduce our forum.

our website, Daye Fengyun network ( was built in 05 years, and then closed for more than two years, opened again last year after the popularity has been poor, and they have no management. In January this year, the program was changed and the data was lost. Lost data again around May. It can be said that starting in May, from the beginning again. But more than a dozen old members have been there.

I have observed a lot of local forums, generally posting the amount of stay at one hundred or two hundred, and some wandering around 300, a period of time will suddenly die. Because many people on the forum is a temporary novelty, in the forum there is no substantive content will be tired and leave. Forums should be dynamic where there is a place to stay attractive.

offline activity is one of the best ways, and the biggest advantage of local forums is that it’s easy to organize offline activities.

The main benefits of

offline activities are:

one, with member moderators to strengthen communication, and enhance cohesion,

two can attract new members to join

three, large-scale events can play a publicity role for the website,

four, active photos and text can increase the amount of BBS post

web activities in several ways:

one, eating and drinking, corruption, KTV

This estimate of

is the most common activity because it is easy to organize. But I don’t recommend doing too much. Jiuzhuo and KTV not to talk about business, not to play good role. This kind of pure corrupt activity has many, can let some people who have the taste have the aversion to the forum.

two, outdoor outing

websites regularly carry out such activities and attract many people. The difficulty lies in security issues and management issues. Once the security problem happens, the organizer will have a lot of trouble. And management is not in place, people happy, disappointed and return.

if there are more professional outdoor activities on the forum, the organizers are the best, or they can cooperate with the local outdoor activities. If you have the ability, you can hold large-scale outdoor nature activities.