How should the website mold the brand image thus realizes the flow monopoly

brand power, I believe we should all know. Nowadays, the competition of China’s webmaster market is the competition of brands. "Use Baidu Search, You’ll see." Sohu, known to the world "" send gifts melatonin "and a series of people can mouth to advertisements, are shown to build a brand, how important it is for the website.

precisely because of the brand, coupled with the Internet itself is no geographical restrictions, therefore, the formation of the stronger, the weaker the weak situation, and this situation in the Internet is even more important. In fact, the strong, in fact, is shaping their own brands, as long as the creation of their own brands, and later people want to live, I am afraid it will be much more difficult.

Baidu has Chinese 64% Taobao search engine market, online shopping market 60% market share, Tencent market share is as high as 79%. A difference between Internet and reality is the largest, as long as to create their own brand, so over time, the site will gradually rise in the field, the final complete possession of almost all the market share of the market, and ultimately monopoly. And later want to seize the market, it is difficult, it can be obtained from the Tencent has been an attempt to seize the market of Baidu, Taobao, but so far only in the rest of the market share of 2%-5% to market share can be seen.

, that is to say, as a webmaster, if you still don’t know how important the brand is, then your website will have no tomorrow. On the Internet, regardless of any place, software, website, search ranking, the first and second gap, can not be used to describe the quality gap, third and fourth, is pitiful, had less than a talk of little importance.

conversely, if the brand image of the website can be successfully constructed in a short period of time, then the absolute monopoly of the market can be achieved. This is why the Chinese Internet market cottage plagiarism constantly. Because any innovative brand is not enough to go beyond a major brand in a short time. Therefore, when the website develops to the enough scale, only needs unceasingly to copy the new show, suppress it.

in fact, it’s not too difficult to build a website brand.

first of all, pay attention to the importance of reverse marketing. In other words, has been in the hearts of users to form a brand site, if you can let this site to reverse support, recommend, then your site will be able to directly get better brand image. It’s like standing on a giant’s shoulder and picking apples. For example, professional to other sites to do the program team, you can add a hyperlink at the bottom of the site program, you can not obvious, but must be aware of others.

, if someone wants to find a good program, and see the connection of your site, then, to increase your credibility will be the appropriate you can directly obtain very good brand image. For example, publish in some news media >