Five years to do a station of experience the development of the 18 forbidden

      1. don’t engage in the website domain name is so long, don’t forget the site itself value in order to do search optimization, the web site is to do in order to viscous do reputation, make friends, do depend on the quality of the content, a good mind and short domain name, is your website development fixture.

2. not a site binding N domain name, that will get the search attention, is actually a suicide attempt, if you do not, a domain name will have better weight and ranking of your site, if the non normal reason want to replace the old domain name domain name can be used 301 points to the new site. That is because the search to jump to the new domain name, and the content of the same.

3., do not use the main experience in statistics and income, the use of time in the edge of the knife, used in promoting cooperation, statistics and income only need to see a day is enough, and more is superfluous. Qq communication is essential because the site does not cooperate without growth.

4., do not use the use of super high procedures to build the site, if it is necessary, use the kernel of the program, if you want to have a future development of the site, you must have a set of their own templates.

5. is not collected, collecting garbage producing tools, although the personal site may not have too much of the original ability, but you’re not illiterate, you can put the resources in their own language to express, the essence part, express their plus, if you do the relevant site, must have a certain understanding of a particular industry. As long as you treat your visitors as the person you want to talk about, I think you can make what you want.

6. don’t cheat, others are not stupid, cheating will only make you have nothing.

7. do not do pornography, even if it is edge ball, a stumble, eternal hatred, and sometimes a blow, you can never stand up,

8. don’t do copyright problems site, of course, there is no copyright problem site is not there, but don’t do the most important content, such as music, movies…… The only way to achieve maximum success is to die".

9., don’t be a garbage station. What’s the difference between a garbage dump and a regular fight? Garbage station full screen advertising, will not care about the user’s feelings, a user, come in your site, light browser card dead, heavy system to reinstall. Do ah!

10. do not hang Trojans, others lost game accounts, huge losses. To be hanged, Trojan horse, poor interests, but the Trojans who go unpunished, making big money, even if the user does not lose the number, but the system collapsed. Redo the system, you think, if there are 100 thousand people in your Trojan plug-in, everyone needs to spend 1 hours reinstall the system, 100 thousand hours. The more than 4000 day, the 100 thousand user cost because you do system time is ten years, don’t you think you have? Are you not afraid of retribution?