Look a little webmaster ignored from Maxthon advertising manslaughter caused by hunter

often use Maxthon browser Maxthon users know that Maxthon has a function of advertising. Under normal circumstances, this function is convenient for most users, Maxthon will automatically block the ads on the page, so that browsing experience better.

, but Lee often has problems like this when it comes to Maxthon testing programs,


can see that when Maxthon opens a normal add.php page, it is masked as if it were an ad page. What’s interesting is that Maxthon has been shielded from the site even if it doesn’t exist.

Through the

filter list view Maxthon ad hunter, we found that add.php is blocked because of " */ad?.*" this rule, so if it wants to prevent Maxthon manslaughter, (1): we can modify / delete this rule; (2) disable filtering function to achieve the status bar.



cause manslaughter

here, Lee is not going to talk about how imperfect the ad filtering mechanism of Maxthon is. But by the manslaughter case, Lee is aware of some problems easily ignored in the webmaster Website Optimization:

1: the domain name contains browser ads that mask default shielding fields in the rule.

typically, here are some of these sites,


through the use of inurl:ad in the Google statement can search query to the domain containing the ad site, most of them will use open Maxthon Maxthon has found the default screen out this website.



will undoubtedly affect the use of Maxthon browser to access the user experience of the website, it is inevitable that some users will therefore leave the site. This is very grievance to stationmaster.

2: the web directory contains browser ads that mask default shielding fields in the rule.


some sites may have a special ad classification, and the directory name might be ad or ads, so that the browser will default to the screen.

so for many webmaster, counterproductive, users can not see the content.

3: the site advertisement code contains browser ads that mask the default masking fields in the rule.