A small webmaster for help movie station where to go

I am a small webmaster, I am not learning the network, I am not a master of industry, but I like the network, so embarked on the road to the station.

After several months of exploration,

has mastered some website knowledge. Recently, that’s why I made a TV story this year. I know I have to stand by Baidu, but I don’t know how to SEO, so the website has not been able to flow. Listen to many friends say to do a IP, thousands of standing is very simple. But I really can’t reach it. I think it’s very close to my life. Because I am an honest man, I do not know how to take advantage of the loophole, I do not know how to drill Baidu loopholes, so I honestly do the station.

I have more than 2000 movie station data, are their own hard with both hands and the hands, because I heard that the updated data more easily than Baidu, I have been collecting, if the acquisition of my movie station can also have tens of thousands of data and the other, but I insisted that I didn’t.

my choice of TV shows is what the user needs. QQ group is also built, so that users can make comments, this is my idea, I did the same. But it hasn’t worked very well all along. I suspect that is not the way I have problems, I also observed other television station, also pay attention to the practice of others, but also Baidu, also in behind, stationmaster net shopping, know some website promotion way. So I’m going to study SEO and plan to do the traffic.

a few months of insistence, Baidu included hundreds of pages, and the home page is updated every day. But the last month, Baidu left my K home page, and began to update every day, but only last week a week to update my home page once. YAHOO and other search engines are slowly beginning to grow. But GOOGLE is down from more than 1000 to more than 100 now. My website is updated manually every day, and every day on the outdated, ADMIN5, Adsense nets looking for reasons, but Baidu, Google has never changed. I want to know why, I don’t want to die. Station www.bboan.cn, please help me analyze my brother and sister, thank you little brother. Help me find the reason, mailbox [email protected], thank you,