Consider the website’s own value correctly

some time ago. I found it in a crowd. A lot of people say their website is good, how is it fierce?. What website ranking is, how much is my day IP, how do I earn money, of course, these factors can not be excreted, your website is successful. But it doesn’t rule out that your website is fake. My hundred push net website traffic is not high, to tell the truth, I also very anxious, Chinese people have a comparison of the heart. I am no exception. But what can I do on my website’s technology websites? Only one person writes his own articles silently. Hope that through the article to bring you a little bit of benefits, bring a little knowledge. I’m content, too,

sometimes I think: what is the value of the website? A website, there have been tens of thousands of pages, there is some value really? Sometimes I see some sites, useless, like garbage almost, do what?


although this site may have some income, some income, but this is only money, and value is not completely equal sign.

a good site may have only a few pages, but it provides valuable content or services. Visitors come here with results. This value is different. And copy its Web site, even if some value, but also far from it. This is also one of the reasons why search engines like originality. Creative content is the source of Internet value. Value is usually intangible.

The exchange value and use value of

is part of Lao Wang’s theory. The value of the content of the website is generated by the creation of the webmaster or other people, the user’s access to the site, access to useful knowledge, or convenient services, and so on, resulting in the use of value. Of course owners also hope to use this site to get revenue, the exchange value, to flow, with the number of visitors, to get some revenue through advertising, some through services, through the sale of some products.


makes and provides valuable content is what webmasters need to consider.

how to provide unique, differentiated services with other sites, there are webmasters to consider.

a copy of other sites, but not to provide value-added content, will be spurned by the user, even if users now see, professional search engine will help users to eliminate shoddy website.