Light the North drift family web site production process


article is determined to drift North ( and domain name space, the next step is to start the production site. Should be produced in spare time, so the main station on the use of DEDECMS, DZ6.1 Forum (7, feeling a bit flashy).

Production of

1 and master station. Download a DedecmsV53 website, in the dream after decompression, in accordance with their documentation, the upload folder are uploaded to the server, start the installation, this is very simple, is to fool the installation, one will see. After installation, you can enter the DEDECMS background. Once the content of the website has been fixed, you can start creating columns, and we can quickly add top-level columns, which are the channel pages of the website. When the top columns are added, you can add columns to each channel. After the column is added, begin filling in the content of the website. What needs to be modified is the LOGO and BANNER of the website. The pictures are sent to the server, and the code of a home page can be changed. There is the DEDECMS file manager, very convenient, you can directly upload files, pictures.

2, the production of the forum. And the main station, looking for a DZ6.1 code, but also to upload the contents of this folder are uploaded to the server, start the installation, installation can be completed directly into the background settings section, set after the site of the LOGO change over, you can. Template modification is also very simple, it can be modified directly in the background. After you have done it, you can invite your friends to the forum. Forum address:

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