How to use video to do network promotion

in many online marketing methods, video promotion can not be ignored as a network promotion channels. Very simple example, when we search some information on the Internet, the search results page home page there will always be one or two video sites information (pictured below). Today Xiaobian tell you how to do video promotion.


what is video promotion?


video promotion is to use video as the carrier, through the video to add appropriate promotional information, a variety of video clips on a variety of forms into the Internet, to achieve certain promotional purposes marketing.

How does

make video content?

1, video recording yourself

own use screen recording software, camera and video recording software or tools for professional video recording, later recorded video, the video post editing, or adding a watermark information in the video ads.

recommendation tools: clip tools: Camtasia studio7, recording tools: screen video experts, Camtasia studio 7, Adobe Captivate 3.

2, download video

downloads popular or business related videos on home or foreign video sites and uses software locally to add watermarks to the video.

recommended tool: nest nest converter

How does

promote videos?

1, video site

submitted video files in the major video sites, such as Youku, 56, six, Sina video, video and other video sites of Sohu.

2, social networking site

will organize video files, through micro-blog, SNS, QQ space and other social networking sites sent to their fans, friends, you can also ask fans, friends to help you reprint video.

3, forums, blogs,

Posts video posts or blog posts on forums and blogs that support video playback. Posts should choose websites that are highly relevant, otherwise video postings will be managed and deleted.

How does

optimize video?

After the

video content published in the major video sites, also need to optimize the video, such as video title, label, profile and other cloth into words, must be natural cloth into words, do not deliberately Fletcher keywords, need to stand in the user’s point of view to think about it, this is more conducive to users to easily search video.

can also brush a proper amount of flow, the higher the flow, users will click on the opportunity will increase. It can play to the strength of the people, you can find the Navy, can find their friends and classmates to help you click on the video.

How does

improve the video audit approval rate?