Listen to Cai Hu general manager of Baidu alliance said Baidu Alliance

2009 Fourth Internet webmaster annual meeting held in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel, Comsenz laggards to host the meeting, Baidu, Sina, Google and other major media, iResearch, stationmaster station, station network and other sites are represented at the meeting. In May 17th, a gathering of distinguished, gathered on the development of the Internet, to shout out "will grow in the end" slogan. I have the honor to participate in the meeting, heard a lot of outstanding entrepreneurs, outstanding master’s passionate speeches, I think that there is a special order to help speech to the webmaster, hope to be able to have the inspiration to the webmaster for website development, can play a certain role.

once heard some webmaster friends said, Baidu alliance is good, but it is difficult to apply, in general, can not apply. Even so, there are indeed some webmasters who can successfully apply to the Baidu alliance and benefit from it. Why do some owners apply to, some people are not so lucky? At this time the webmaster, general manager of Baidu alliance Cai Hu, for us to answer this question, the webmaster can see, hope to be able to help you apply for Baidu alliance. Cai Hu, currently the managing director of the Baidu alliance, made a speech at the local and vertical Community Website Marketing Summit in 2009, where he made a speech about how search engines help vertical media sites deliver media value.


Baidu Alliance General Manager Cai Hu

Baidu alliance is based on Baidu, a powerful Chinese search engine, and the vast majority of Chinese Internet users use Baidu search engines, which means that the Baidu alliance also has huge potential customers. Baidu alliance is like a media platform, the user, customers and partners three parties together in the interests of such a media platform. Baidu alliance growth from 2002 about 4000000 to 2008 4 many performance, this gives us a reassurance, join the Baidu alliance, that flows quickly realized.


Baidu alliance has sustained steady growth. In his speech, Cai Hu stressed that a feature of the Baidu alliance is that it can be relied on simply, Baidu alliance is really for the webmaster to provide traffic flow, easy to operate, dependent. The development of Baidu search engine has committed to new product development and new customers, to provide for the strength of Baidu alliance development guarantee to realize the sustainable growth of Baidu alliance, customer satisfaction, let users trust, let partners benefit, and here is the broad partner to join Baidu alliance webmaster friends.

Baidu alliance is an influential and well respected brand. Baidu search engine’s Baidu alliance naturally has the same brand reputation as Baidu and effective operational service model, which laid the foundation for the Baidu alliance market. Cai Hu said, for Baidu alliance, Baidu will through the annual summit of the league, every two months just the theme of pioneer forum, and the dissemination of more and more of the alliance records and other market public relations measures and means to improve the status of the masses of Baidu alliance and brand value, real.