How does personal website make profit in 2010

2010 is a year of rapid expansion in the Internet market. Why do you say that, according to authoritative agencies this year, China’s personal website has broken through, and 110 million?. This is a concept, which is equivalent to ten people, there is a person, there is a web site. Then so many website owners to do I think is to profit through the website! Under so much competition, 2010 personal website how to profit: This is a topic of our discussion today.

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How to improve the weight of Web sites in search results

on the web site in the search engine weight problems, and how to achieve crawling spider on the site of the daily patronage. I started to explore prehistoric civilization network from March 2009 to now, just half a year, from the beginning of August Baidu update normal maintenance in daily update more than one frequency, appears to have the assessment period, summarizes the experience, for our colleagues to share their ideas.

1, site column set

column settings to be stable, can not change, do not change, this will be done in place before the site, the correlation between columns stronger, as far as possible the same side of the theme of the site. Do not covet big and all, my prehistoric civilization exploration network began to make this mistake, leading to the home page weight reduction, to the more than 10 page to find. read more

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How can e commerce sites improve their conversion rates

whether you use any kind of online money making, you have to go through the following three steps: 1, use your method to attract visitors. 2, produce transformation. 3, delivery. That is, transaction money.

the above three steps, the method is the scope of skills, such as you can through SEO, through advertising, or through the use of the flow platform.

but you have to understand that traffic is not really our ultimate goal, if your site is tens of thousands of people visited, but your promotional products no man to buy, is not you eventually did not achieve the purpose of making money? If it is to sell a product, visits to nobody buy your product, or that people buy very few, then you should consider how to improve your conversion rate. read more

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nterpretation of Seo’s optimized mentality

today, I’d like to talk about the psychology of website optimization. Do site optimization, to loneliness, withstand the blow, can withstand the pressure, these are very important for website optimization, website optimization, especially for work. A day before April 1st, the stock market website long in a message on QQ, ask me, his website in Baidu site on the remaining 20 pages, Baidu is not the adjustment algorithm. I told him yes, and many websites have appeared, the site included a sharp decline in the situation, and told him not to worry, concentrate on doing your own site can be, Baidu will later recover included. read more

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A fun site founded 9 years daily visits over 2 million years into 200 million

Abstract: consumers do not have the concept of interest products, more mention is "adult products."". The dark tunnel, the dim light and subtle facade only "Adult supplies" four characters is abrupt and eye-catching, this is for a long time we have been on the impression of market activities.

in the interest goods electricity supplier market, the interest network is always particularly lucky.

he fun, since landing three new board, revenue soared from 225 thousand and 400 to 34 million 177 thousand and 700, net profit soared from -80.36 yuan to -881.80 yuan. Because it is in the early stages of development, business transformation, business scale expansion, R & D costs increased and other reasons, so he has been interested in the net profit has been negative. read more

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A summary of operating local portals

1. home should have "media" consciousness. The media is the channel for the dissemination of information.

2. local portal site columns is the first effective release, local people need information query, can do some local news, but don’t focus too much on the web can refer to Lanzhou hotline ( to see information news to Sina, the NetEase, not directly to the local portal to see. Local doors should have local details, and this is often a national gateway, and it can’t be done. Most of the local Internet inquiries are property information, talent information, dating, dating information, secondary information, local service institutions telephone information, merchants promotional information, etc.. Then, as a local gateway, we should increase the intensity, focus on the actual collection and release of these information. read more

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For site operations personnel operators in what cause do what work

has a big mouth and spits out all her complaints. Recently, because the website operation 108 will rise again, a lot of operators say that the transition, product managers, stimulated. No wonder, these years, the community operation staff humble work hard, but do not pay attention by superiors. You look at other people’s product managers, the job has gone up, wages have been fireworks up, this is 1 of the industry’s strange phenomenon. The 2 Guaixiang is no reason: product managers KPI controlled by the team of human factors, such as the product function point, complete BUG modification, more evaluation in time. But KPI operators are manipulated by the user environment, uncontrollable factors too much, because to get the effect speak, the effect is good or bad is the user’s mood. This is also the reason why operators of users who are: bow and scrape about money and worry, buckle performance, home kneeling washboard, also did not eat, you think I’m stupid. read more

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Change is the pace of growth please change for a little more look forward to

for change, everyone has different views, change jobs, change the environment, style and direction for the website, because it is not completely satisfied with the status quo, so choose to change, but the road is long, do not know what will bring change, for better or worse? Can’t predict the future, so afraid of change, but change the mind again the situation is not satisfied, do not change, psychology has been thinking about how to change the results; and always worry about. Therefore, whether to change or not is also a dilemma. read more

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Jingu how to go beyond the 760 stock website

every do a new web site, I’m used to the main keywords Baidu rankings again. 76 pages, 760 stops. And then look at the long tail word ranking. Then determine the site’s segmentation, positioning, the expected goal of the site.

observation. What is called, baizhanbudai. To be a station is to fight, and to a great extent, a war on search engines. Not to say that useful to visitors, there will be visitors. Because of a profitable market, there will never be only one supplier. To capture the market, rely on first mover advantage, and rely on others to do better, more practical. read more

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