Discussion on local forum and the strategy of website development


I think, in addition to the corporate nature of the site, the proportion of local sites should be great?. The local web site trend should start after Xiamen fish net and Hangzhou 19 building financing, a large number of a large number of local websites have sprung up overnight. Now, according to the author’s massive data, the local website has already entered the saturation stage actually. Can you imagine? Some more than 500 thousand people in the small town, he abruptly has a number of ten local web presence, not to mention the municipal and provincial level. Since the pressure of competition is so great, then these webmaster will go from here, the development of the road and where? And after reading this article, you will know, read more

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How do entrepreneurs position themselves

In fact,

shopping malls such as the battlefield, there are successful failure, a lot of people are not clear to the end why they will fail, in fact, a lot of people in the beginning of the positioning is not done.

positioning theory successful cases are occurring in the FMCG industry, the Internet industry can also use

positioning theory?

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Grassroots Webmaster do not finish the station earn money

looked up, and I do not know how many people, a window, a dream at this time. How many grassroots webmaster, then burn the midnight oil.

looking back, has been buried in the Admin5 for nearly two years. Although money is not much, but experience has increased countless, have seen countless people in the fierce making, in the smart earned, many sites are slowly drying up. Some see into the sea on the two mulberry, dead flowers, many owners feel hard to earn the money, almost inaccessible, suddenly look back, that money is in the grassroots, dim. read more

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Make money online Cheats Baidu search attracted 300 thousand P experience

first briefly explain my this method, in fact, very simple, that is, to collect content, generate HTML, and then allow a large number of Baidu included. Some people will say, I often do some collection work, but I did not come to any big flow ah. Ha ha, I want to tell you, it depends on what you collected,

what I have collected is the forum, and I only concentrate on the collection work of IT forum. At present, most of the IT forums on the Internet have been visited by me, so I have made no small returns in this respect. Let’s get to the point, read more

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Did 8 years stationmaster still be in now begin As a warning

as a webmaster, he is undoubtedly failure. Now looking back, any one of the establishment of 8 years of website, which is not a very cattle B. Even if not cattle X, every day to get food and clothing, well-off is no problem.

and his own station, well, I do not have such a station for 8 years.

8 years ago, that is, 05 years. Began to contact the Internet, that year, the Internet is to go to the information. SEO has never heard of it. Of course, SP is said to be very hot.

later heard that the money was spent backstage in that year. Go into the back of the league, then stare at the revenue figures, F5 in a minute, and F5 later. Then every time F5 can see the numbers are going up. Think it’s cool. read more

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How do you operate the first seed users Look at the 4 major communities such as millet the island

millet: let users have in-depth sense of participation,

in doing millet mobile phone system (MIUI), Lei Jun issued an indicator: do not spend money, MIUI will do 1 million users. So, the competent person in charge of Li Wanqiang MIUI only through the forum reputation all over the world: Global Forum for experienced users, few people registered hundreds of accounts, ads every day in the mobile phone Forum irrigation, carefully selected 100 super users, MIUI involved in the design, development, feedback etc.. With the 100 word of mouth communication, MIUI quickly spread. read more

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s there a chance to invest in domain names An old agricultural answer

The rapid development of

the Internet has spawned a lot of industries, such as the owners, SEO and so on, and one of the most active part is called: "rice farming". The origin of this name is because the domain name is a homonym for corn, and shift the domain name will become the "m" labor "farmers".

is not God’s will or coincidence, in view of the current situation of China, farmer is a low income groups, and the Internet farmers "rice farming", also failed to escape the fate. In addition to very few, such as: Cai big brother outside. Almost all of them are buying in bulk and hoarding lots. To make money, lose money in the majority, then the investment domain actually have a chance? If we carefully analyze read more

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After seven months of ugly websites why did you sell 22 thousand

big Viagra has been focusing on a website that hangs on Flippa for two days. But today, the only seven months to do the site, by a nouveau riche for $22 thousand (about 149500 yuan) of the price photographed, the buyer did not even wait for the end of the auction, the price of money directly. Leave only the Flippa website to wipe his ass and send the following email notification to many of the auctioneers and followers:

below is

big Viagra Hello:

you’ve been looking at WhereCanIBuyStamps.Net auctions recently. The auction has been sold to another user for a final selling price of $22000. Hundreds of new auctions are released every day on the Flippa website, and you can continue to view auctions like that. read more

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A junior year four kind of website webmaster site profit method

technology is not enough, the primary owners often lack of funds, a station, or a blog, a forum, but they have a common characteristic: the network with strong interests and hobbies, among them there are lofty, trash or blog as their children or love, make sure they are not clear with trace impurities in them.

I am one of many junior webmaster, there is a garbage station and a blog, I think, at the beginning, with dreams, the program to the cheap garbage space, will be excited for a night. As the difficulties stand in front of you, when the pressures of life to you under the unbearable, you first do stand enthusiasm still so hot? Would you like a lover like Pang dumpster you? A person living in this world is real. The network because of personal webmaster and prosperity, and personal webmaster can’t just three minutes instead of to the network give without asking for so many personal webmaster, calm after tend to think how to profit, it is also the site of the survival and development needs. read more

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