365 days Station Road

, the annual space payment time is up again. Looking back on this year, the road to build a station, with "rough" two words to show that not too much. The space opened three months ago, the website structure, content acquisition, keyword search engine has a good rankings, traffic is also up, can see the "dollar" every day, it is not through the record, Disasters pile up on one another., click, turn off.

then began my long course of application filed by the Ministry of information industry at the time, the system has a problem, application, has been through a telephone, ask to pass or to modify, have to wait 20 days before. OK, I’ll wait, and another twenty days, busy work, said it is not through the site, you can leave to the local management. read more

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How to increase the stickiness of WeChat public platform fans

now almost everyone for almost all mobile phone, mobile phone have WeChat, WeChat as a means of communication, users reached 600 million people, WeChat has also become the marketing propaganda platform, in addition to the micro business, WeChat public platform is a good platform for propaganda, so how to better the operation of WeChat public platform? Below I give you

share several methods

1. Discovering user interest requirements

WeChat public platform needs publicity, when others scan two-dimensional code, pay attention to your WeChat public number, you can roughly analyze and determine what he is interested in. Now the general WeChat are certified and certified public number, whether the subscription number and service number, the following will have a menu bar, users concerned, you see what he chose to know, he first time to understand the contents of the public number is his concern you most interested in the content; if there is no certification, it can also set up a push message after attention, reply 1 what is, what is the 2 reply and so on, through his first reply figures to analyze and judge his interests and needs. read more

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19 before the webmaster conference written on the road

joined the webmaster general assembly is a very casual thing, this conference is very big, but there has been no good to participate in the preparation, even in the group where someone asked me to go, I also consider the answer.

asks graph king in the interior of the Admin5 group, said the graph king himself not to go, and I hope the flying fish represent the Admin5 station network, at the time agreed, but my heart is still a little uneasy, Beijing is visited many times, but as a webmaster in large-scale real webmaster general assembly is the first time. read more

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For the difficult webmaster talk about the development and breakthrough of the website

recently boarded a few previous QQ, and some have worked with or familiar with several old webmaster chat. Found that they mostly engaged in other industries. Entering their web site in the browser has also been closed. Of course, there are some webmaster bigger, but also some still insist on standing still. Website development, of course, income will increase, the webmaster will also have more personal passion and funds for the site.

The existence of

1. website is to have its value and significance, different times and different environments. There are also different websites on the web. Because the society is developing, the website also follows along with the development. read more

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How to join Oh dad Korean delicacy

China fast-food industry wide range is not you can imagine, for example, have fast food items on Korean delicacy fast-food brands, including popular sports have Oh dad Korean delicacy snack items, oh dad Korean delicacy with stone pot bibimbap, all kinds of dishes and snacks into a well-known Korean snack, colleagues the company by virtue of its core product, from a small shop has become one of more than and 40 branches of the strength of the brand, the future development potential is very great, so how to join the brand read more

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Jingu how to go beyond the 760 stock website

every do a new web site, I’m used to the main keywords Baidu rankings again. 76 pages, 760 stops. And then look at the long tail word ranking. Then determine the site’s segmentation, positioning, the expected goal of the site.

observation. What is called, baizhanbudai. To be a station is to fight, and to a great extent, a war on search engines. Not to say that useful to visitors, there will be visitors. Because of a profitable market, there will never be only one supplier. To capture the market, rely on first mover advantage, and rely on others to do better, more practical. read more

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ndustry analysis how electricity supplier enterprise data driven sales

billion state power network case center chief editor Shi Wei

points of science and technology COO Zhang Shaofeng

, Korean PR Director Chen Xin

electricity supplier experienced extensive barbaric growth, and gradually entered the fine operation stage, data mining and analysis has become the new target of the electricity supplier enterprise.

In the battle of data refinement,

, what data mining drives sales growth directly? How do you translate data into sales?

less than 5% electricity supplier enterprises have data mining team read more

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Do professional website want to do expert stationmaster

The subdivision development of

website is the inevitable trend of future Internet development, and the formation of professional website portal will facilitate the convergence of professional user groups. Then, in the process of doing professional website, in fact, as a webmaster, is a learning progress process. You can’t just position yourself as a provider of platforms, but you never know anything about the content of a professional website. Rely on the dissemination of the contents of replication, but congenital malnutrition essential stage, with the promotion of the website, and gradually to the industry knowledge, so as a webmaster, you first want in this web site of the professional field, with the right to speak. The right to speak is not because you are the administrator of the authority of the establishment of the authority, administrators more often just the gatekeeper of the website, or the identity of cleaners. You have to go deep into the field to make a deep analysis, so, in order to expert knowledge structure on the one hand days and months multiplying, achievements in the professional aspects worthy of the name, on the other hand also gradually understand the needs of users on the professional website in the field of. read more

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8 suggestions for site login interface optimization

              the webmaster every day to the construction site, but sometimes I feel content to do good, it is difficult to develop and cultivate loyal customers, what is the reason? The user experience is a very important reason. A lot of times, the stationmaster always fails in detail. When users become less tolerant of less interactive web design, they choose alternative sites. It can be said that a bad user experience is the killer of websites.

web site program function is not more, the more complex the better, smart webmaster should be down-to-earth around the site simplicity and usability to work hard. read more

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f you want to buy a website these 5 kinds of websites can not buy

1. station with vulgar information and pictures (edge station)

this, needless to say, my recent crackdown, SP station has been closed, unless you use the foreign space, foreign registered domain name, or otherwise, and not to touch it. Be careful in the police around.

2. movie station. Recently also by K’s fierce.

3. music station

now the film music copyright, more and more attention from the recent Baidu MP3 infringement, claims Chibi tudou.com can be seen playing one or two, now if you buy these stations will have a significant risk of… If one day which companies a dabbler you too much… See nets have tens of thousands of IP/ days, the monthly income of around 2000 MP3 thousands of dollars sale estimate is also because of this problem (PR, included OK. read more

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