Light the North drift family web site production process


article is determined to drift North ( and domain name space, the next step is to start the production site. Should be produced in spare time, so the main station on the use of DEDECMS, DZ6.1 Forum (7, feeling a bit flashy).

Production of

1 and master station. Download a DedecmsV53 website, in the dream after decompression, in accordance with their documentation, the upload folder are uploaded to the server, start the installation, this is very simple, is to fool the installation, one will see. After installation, you can enter the DEDECMS background. Once the content of the website has been fixed, you can start creating columns, and we can quickly add top-level columns, which are the channel pages of the website. When the top columns are added, you can add columns to each channel. After the column is added, begin filling in the content of the website. What needs to be modified is the LOGO and BANNER of the website. The pictures are sent to the server, and the code of a home page can be changed. There is the DEDECMS file manager, very convenient, you can directly upload files, pictures. read more

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How to use video to do network promotion

in many online marketing methods, video promotion can not be ignored as a network promotion channels. Very simple example, when we search some information on the Internet, the search results page home page there will always be one or two video sites information (pictured below). Today Xiaobian tell you how to do video promotion.

what is video promotion?


video promotion is to use video as the carrier, through the video to add appropriate promotional information, a variety of video clips on a variety of forms into the Internet, to achieve certain promotional purposes marketing. read more

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Listen to Cai Hu general manager of Baidu alliance said Baidu Alliance

2009 Fourth Internet webmaster annual meeting held in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel, Comsenz laggards to host the meeting, Baidu, Sina, Google and other major media, iResearch, stationmaster station, station network and other sites are represented at the meeting. In May 17th, a gathering of distinguished, gathered on the development of the Internet, to shout out "will grow in the end" slogan. I have the honor to participate in the meeting, heard a lot of outstanding entrepreneurs, outstanding master’s passionate speeches, I think that there is a special order to help speech to the webmaster, hope to be able to have the inspiration to the webmaster for website development, can play a certain role. read more

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About soft text attached links several points of discussion

a lot of people in writing soft text, always have their own site written up the link to the habit! In the face of the best way of publicity, I feel it is necessary to talk about the meaning and my personal opinion,


no matter what stationmaster net or browse some experience of the article, always want to see the author of his own station put up! So many users will follow the link to your site! In the face of a sudden surge in traffic, some owners feel relish, and obsessed with this but we should! Calm analysis, access to data is not that we are looking for read more

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