A fun site founded 9 years daily visits over 2 million years into 200 million

Abstract: consumers do not have the concept of interest products, more mention is "adult products."". The dark tunnel, the dim light and subtle facade only "Adult supplies" four characters is abrupt and eye-catching, this is for a long time we have been on the impression of market activities.

in the interest goods electricity supplier market, the interest network is always particularly lucky.

he fun, since landing three new board, revenue soared from 225 thousand and 400 to 34 million 177 thousand and 700, net profit soared from -80.36 yuan to -881.80 yuan. Because it is in the early stages of development, business transformation, business scale expansion, R & D costs increased and other reasons, so he has been interested in the net profit has been negative. read more

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3 mattresses 5 years =20 million net worth CEO See how Airbnb creates miracles of wealth

Abstract: at the beginning of 2009, Airbnb at a rapid growth, attract venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and angel investor Paul · Graham’s attention, and put it into the incubator, $600 thousand for Airbnb’s "seed round of financing.

, two art students who want to start a company, can’t afford the rent or what to do. To make ends meet, they used 3 unused mattresses and rented them to 3 people who needed room and board. Even more for the dream, they are determined, based on the "idle things will be used, it will produce value" concept, and continue to extend and enlarge, made short-term leasing business and commercial operation of the company model. read more

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Do stand for many years feeling a successful webmaster 10 essential points


is the website, not afraid of difficulties, persist in the end. In the course of the development of the website, we may encounter various difficulties, such as tight funds, competitors, hacker attacks and so on. But I believe that there is a persistent spirit, with the courage to defy hardship, for innovation, dare to explore, dare to practice, and eventually will achieve development and success.


is the development of the site, there should be a group of like-minded, strong complementary team of personnel. read more

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After 90 Volts cattle Tong Zhang Tianyi sell rice noodles do not take the nternet thinking that ma

July 19th, "Tencent products Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special" held in Beijing, this article is the founder of the volt cattle Zhang Tianyi at the Tencent products salon share content.

Zhang Tian life in 1990, founder of Fu Niu Tong, Peking University Master of laws. In April this year, he wrote "my master’s graduation, why sell rice noodles" in the circle of friends to spread widely, "master powder" has become a hot word.

below is the full text of Zhang Tianyi’s speech. read more

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How to get Baidu to give you a place to stall

site to do a lot of traffic is so low, Baidu is not included, how can such a site status, and how to develop to us to create wealth, said Google, the new station a few days to be collected, there is a good, close a lot of pages, but really really don’t come from Google IP, in the domestic network only by Baidu to IP to flow to survive, this is the fact that Baidu is the site of the market, want to squeeze a stall is really not easy, who let us poor stationmaster.

Baidu included a large number of websites, look at these sites included clear why, this website has value, content, users can satisfy the conditions of use, so Baidu included, look at your own website, whether there is value, can give what users bring value to go back to study under the. Like some people do movie site, see how people around you how to see the movie, you know, do the movie station, Baidu will give you place stall?. read more

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Adsense offline communication is very important

I do webmaster time is not long, the webmaster word also gradually understand. Many people say that the webmaster is generally very lonely, language ability is not how to do, is good at knocking on the keyboard chat, this point, I believe that many webmaster are in favor of!


in fact, for the webmaster, the webmaster in the communication between the webmaster is quite necessary, so now have Admin5! Thank you Admin5 to China webmaster such a communication platform


, I always think, do stand, as long as the Baidu recent years well, but to see the exchange experience between many master here to know, make a stand, absolutely not rely too much on search engine! Also know, do stand, only in the exchange, we learn from each other, mutual discussion and my own experience and share, learn from the experience of others at the same time, as to their site is very good read more

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A summary of operating local portals

1. home should have "media" consciousness. The media is the channel for the dissemination of information.

2. local portal site columns is the first effective release, local people need information query, can do some local news, but don’t focus too much on the web can refer to Lanzhou hotline (www.0931.cc) to see information news to Sina, the NetEase, not directly to the local portal to see. Local doors should have local details, and this is often a national gateway, and it can’t be done. Most of the local Internet inquiries are property information, talent information, dating, dating information, secondary information, local service institutions telephone information, merchants promotional information, etc.. Then, as a local gateway, we should increase the intensity, focus on the actual collection and release of these information. read more

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How to open a beauty salon beauty salon specific process

is now the beauty industry can be said to be a lot of good projects, but not all of us to open a beauty salon will be successful. If you are still in order to open a beauty salon and worry about it, now you have to slow down your pace, quietly read the following points of valuable experience, will certainly help you.

, is open in the high-end beauty salons or just cheap beauty salons or even just a small beauty read more

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LAN division network website promotion of the three stages of soft writing

We all know that

is not easy to publish the article in the Admin5 Adsense online, because the release does not mean to be approved, I remember the first time when the hair casually looking for a good soft Wen, go head to tail, for their own things, see for yourself, feel unwell, but is not. At the same time, soft writing is a basic function of SEOERS, the first day to send an article, not by the second day, an article, is not what the most common gold articles, or not by nature. At that time, feeling a little frustrated, immediately decided to practice basic skills, good writing, before school wrote a composition and diary, had not written anything, just thinking about love, not on paper, not written, next time reading a lot of articles about SEO in admin5.com, learn some writing knowledge, more important is to consolidate and enrich the knowledge of search engine optimization. read more

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Easy two strokes so that users become active users


," Wang said, "you want to have a relationship with your users.". A lot of things, as long as the first time, after the very easy, and I believe that married webmaster brothers more understand this. A forum, as long as users speak for the first time, the barriers to alert will be broken, as long as a little guidance, the users will become active users of the forum. Let me tell you something about my experience.

The first one,

issued a report guide post, this post with a bamboo or Super Moderator identity launched the ID, the best to get a nice MM avatar, of course other types of attractive female avatar can also be. The best time to set the content of the post, the content of the induction of the content is proportional to the rate of speech. Modify the DZ registration file, after the registration of the address of the jump replaced to boot registration post address. OK, the first step is done. read more

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Actual combat analysis the webmaster how to improve the conversion rate of site products

we do whatever you do is what the theme of the site, the community portal, Taobao, customer and so on, our ultimate goal is to hope that he can give us money, as for the community and the portal is basically in the advertising revenue, while Taobao is to deal as a percentage, so even if there is traffic not much use, it is the turnover rate, I have only one station, but definitely not the garbage station, first on the data:

believe that all know this thing, I clicked on the maximum of not more than 20, I do product commission is not high, a product is 10 yuan, according to this calculation is divided into: click click with 92 times, the income is divided into 301, divided by 10, about 30 products, turnover rate up to 30%, here is how I do, not to mention what the wise remark of an experienced person. read more

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50 days website record fourth days of website Festival Promotion

today is Valentine’s day, I wish you a happy Valentine’s day the first (late), today’s article is a bit late, because today and wife go out to play, we also should pay attention to their quality of life, do stand just a job, but not a life; two is because yesterday said details and the effect of promotion today to write yesterday. Well, it’s a bit late. Go straight to the topic:

yesterday, the details of the promotion include the following:

Extension of

1.QQ group. I was in their QQ group promotion, no additional groups, I have 10 QQ group, of which 6 are 200 groups. read more

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Grassroots Adsense start business without thinking too big

In the

group from the grassroots entrepreneurship chat, a lot of friends a great idea, including the way of profit and so on, are well-known enterprises and large enterprises, their capital resources are not enough, and do not have their own core technology and can control any resources, only is a good idea, and the need the help of China Mobile, the China Telecom’s customer resources, you know, how could China Mobile and China Telecom easily and a small partner to do business? There is no team, no money, just one idea, when the idea was to find investors, investors, why investors do not do it yourself? I think you can not implement the idea, it is a good idea, are of no value, unless you have a technology or a good team. What’s more, there are funds, good projects, good teams, and may not be successful. I feel, in fact, in China’s market, everywhere are non-standard, and it is extremely fierce competition, it is difficult to do one thing. A person doing business is to grow up, I am a process, looking back at the idea in many 2004-2007 years is very naive, until now, Yu Minhong is also the teacher evaluation "is not a long time to do company experience" is also felt in the sea is not mature. You have done this a few years some small things, to obtain a certain growth in this process: it is possible to do bigger things, the ability to control growth and commercial business to need to accumulate experience. read more

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How many Wangzhuan opportunity is whether or not you have the desire to make money

last week made about "how to make money through A5" baby son, the topic of concern to everyone. What are the "higher" way, the threshold is high, how to start Wangzhuan road…… As discussed before the network, on the topic of business, it is also the way of wangzhuan. Online start-ups start less funds, many channels, many people are willing to try in the network, harvest their first pot of gold.

what if there is no need to Wangzhuan skills? How to gain proficiency in a particular line,? A few points exceeded the guests, it is worth learning. If there is no proficiency in a particular line, you need to have patience, perseverance, and a lot of time. Regardless of reality or the Internet, money making thinking and action are ways to achieve income, no matter where, as long as you have these, you still worry about no income, read more

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How to increase the amount of web access as soon as possible

many webmaster friends worry about how to improve the website promotion, website traffic became the first hurdle after the release of the website is the most important one, the online promotion of every hue let you hard webmaster have dazzled, which method is the most effective? It should be said that all the methods are effective, but the effect but because of different types and styles of each station is different, promotion is also not the same, and a lot of methods outdated, such as e-mail promotion, a few people still go to the mailbox now, even a lot of people in the mailbox is specially used to register other website with. read more

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Do webmaster tired only oneself can understand

in 2007, I do not know the word "webmaster", as if the industry and I can not wipe the edge. But developments in the real world are often unexpected.

in a casual case, I heard my friend say he made a website. Began to hold a curious mood, let other countries say how to do the website, website can have what use. He said that money! I was confused, how can this website make money! Then slowly know, also love this station.

later tried to make a QQ station, when the mentality is to play, so there is nothing to control it. Probably last year, Baidu included relatively loose! I stood two days was included. Psychology or quite happy, oh, traffic is also rising faster, a month did not go to more than 2000, put GG also earned hundreds of fast, I thought it was not very good, every day to play can make money! read more

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For the location of hot pot shop location

again in the winter, hot pot restaurant business will be booming. In fact, the hot pot shop in the year has a good business results, so many entrepreneurs like to join the project. The location of hot pot restaurants will largely determine how good a business is.

1, hot pot shop location factors:

in the site before, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, this is the location of the premises. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors. read more

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For site operations personnel operators in what cause do what work

has a big mouth and spits out all her complaints. Recently, because the website operation 108 will rise again, a lot of operators say that the transition, product managers, stimulated. No wonder, these years, the community operation staff humble work hard, but do not pay attention by superiors. You look at other people’s product managers, the job has gone up, wages have been fireworks up, this is 1 of the industry’s strange phenomenon. The 2 Guaixiang is no reason: product managers KPI controlled by the team of human factors, such as the product function point, complete BUG modification, more evaluation in time. But KPI operators are manipulated by the user environment, uncontrollable factors too much, because to get the effect speak, the effect is good or bad is the user’s mood. This is also the reason why operators of users who are: bow and scrape about money and worry, buckle performance, home kneeling washboard, also did not eat, you think I’m stupid. read more

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Change is the pace of growth please change for a little more look forward to

for change, everyone has different views, change jobs, change the environment, style and direction for the website, because it is not completely satisfied with the status quo, so choose to change, but the road is long, do not know what will bring change, for better or worse? Can’t predict the future, so afraid of change, but change the mind again the situation is not satisfied, do not change, psychology has been thinking about how to change the results; and always worry about. Therefore, whether to change or not is also a dilemma. read more

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Analysis of new profit model of local portal website

Google left China, the majority of grassroots Adsense has been discussed in A5 network grassroots website profit model, in which "e-commerce" is the main topic of discussion. In fact, in my opinion, e-commerce is a prerequisite for this big premise, but also a major trend in the current development of the internet. But, because our vast grassroots webmaster site has its own characteristics, not all grassroots websites can catch "e-commerce" this express train. So my opinion is: "unique to stick to our website, to meet the needs of users based on the unique and improve user experience, develop their own profit model based on the unique website". Today I’m going to talk about local portals (including local information websites, local blogs, local forums, local information ports, etc.). read more

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