Summary my keyword selection method

from the beginning of doing web site, and now has six months time, people say practice makes perfect, is indeed reasonable.


learning website is always alone, slowly groping to do, so pay attention only in the beginning of the content of the website is much, looking for a good source and so on some do important things (and I am not saying no important good procedures Oh ~), then began to use the most is the new cloud, now I have also been busy, for the novice really ten relatively easy to use program. read more

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Webmaster friends you pseudo original

once in QQ group chat, when it comes to "pseudo original", a group of industry predecessors, he said, 06 years began to engage in SEO, his article is pseudo original. I’m a big surprise, how will our small station every day to read the Bible for holding was plagiarism articles? I asked, no, your point of view at that time is the industry’s most innovative. He sends a smiling face, should be China belongs to the novel. I see, rookie Adsense false shrimp original, shrimp puppet is the hero of the original, and Chinese heroes pseudo is foreign heroes original. read more

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User experience analysis interactive video design

recently, the red hot chili peppers (The Red Hot Chili Peppers) launched a new single Look Around, so as the interaction designer with love I fall in love with them to the single made interactive version of MV! This interactive video in the entertainment industry and science have caused no small repercussions, I believe there are more artists will by using the method of interactive video to enhance the participation of the

fans in the future!

watch address: read more

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Several risks that local stations have to face

recently read a lot about local portal station, such as the prospects for development, promotion and other operations, in fact, local stations in recent years are the focus of attention of the individual owners, the popularity of the future development trend is also the consensus about the network, the Internet is the last piece of virgin land has not yet been captured, causing many owners into the local station in view of this situation, blindly I think it necessary to rush on like a swarm of hornets, analysis of current status of the local station, reduce the time and energy people blind investment, choose to do what is right, not only do always rushed in the front of the pioneer sacrifice blindly, and the fruits of victory was behind the interest group set foot in your body forward by stealing, naught results, so to solve this problem, I think everyone has stood in the place before, Necessary to know, in fact, the local station profit is not easy, but also facing enormous risks. read more

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My website my dream DZ local community profitability

maybe yourself with the computer and network is the fate, 06 years of junior high school I am obsessed with computer games, high school in 2000, the school opened a computer class, in a game in the school district, used to do a FrontPage2000 now looks very simple site, had the region’s first professional university; natural selection computer;

graduated a few years ago, busy with work, and he has only one personal blog, every day to write something, remember that time blog named "snot pig", the procedure is PJblog, did not want to make money; read more

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Key methods to obtain traffic seven Q & a training and development

SEO for when it comes to quiz training and development, we will directly think of Baidu know, Baidu is actually not only know that we can go to the training and use, there are a lot of quiz site for our SEO to provide convenient, of course, to facilitate others at the same time convenient with their own, grasp the "win-win" concept sure, the user experience. The following details:

I, cage question and answer resources.

1, Q & a resources collection

know, ask questions, including resources, following the departure of SEO summarizes the following major questions address for you, of course here only ask the class name, the specific need SEO enthusiasts to collect yourself. read more

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Analysis of brand extension model of nternet Science and technology company

shape about the brand, different owners will have different opinions and practices, specifically how to operate, or according to the actual situation of everyone, but others set up the brand of the road we have to draw lessons from it? This is some absolute, after all, as long as the experience, we can discard the dross and select the essence then, the same as the Internet grassroots how can we learn from what technology heavyweights to brand building of the road


main and sub brand model

said the Deputy brand model, I think the most representative is Lenovo, because everyone in the initial impression, Lenovo represents PC, represents the computer, and now the Lenovo name card has more than the title, because Lenovo made full of vigor and vitality in PC business at the same time, it is a national leader in intelligent mobile phone, the mobile phone market share in the country after samsung. This is clearly a blessing Lenovo brand building mode, through the development of this very distinctive features, the mobile Internet and traditional Internet organically together, and according to the characteristics of the product is divided into different construction sector, making Lenovo resources can be maximized, makes the Lenovo brand influence directly from the traditional computer directly jumped to hardware technology companies, this is clearly the direction of our learning. read more

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Forum speed optimization

below is my business forum for many years to improve the speed of access to some experience, I hope all of you help.

affect the speed of the forum access factors, nothing more than pictures, attachments, home calls to these, I will not say the program.

below are on these kinds of talk about my forum optimization raiders.

first adds a variable to the public file in the forum, such as CONN.ASP, assigning it to

The advantage of

assignment is that you can modify the address in bulk later. At the same time set the domain name of a pan resolution, so you can always modify the host head read more

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Accurate positioning of the site to create a new starting point of profit two

Hello, everyone. I’m maple. In my 3 article, I talked about some of the personal profiles of pinpoint sites, visitors, and the core content of the web site. Today I continued with my last article. Do the above example also said the family network.

, when we do the station, if we reach the precise positioning of visitors and content of the website, the website will concentrate on a certain aspect of the user, or a certain area. For example, the last examples of art, we only for certain provinces or cities, as the most suitable for the local examinee information and content, make them the fastest and most convenient to find what they want. Do not go to order many times, the mouse search many times, but also can not find what you want. In this way, we can gradually integrate the users of a province or region into a website. In the nature of visitors, they are of the same kind. read more

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Make personal websites and enterprise websites profitable

found in the articles on operations and marketing in my website that both personal and corporate stations are having problems.

individual station pays too much attention to traffic, and most enterprise website basically is a beautiful online business card, without network sale value.

one, personal website

in various webmaster BBS, we often can see such a title "X months to get X million IP experience", "how to get X million IP in X months". Similar articles are very popular, and the quantity of reading and commenting is very much. read more

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